The main functions of the department are:

  • Maintenance and development of all properties vested in or entrusted with the management of the municipality
  • Sanctioning the building plans
  • Processing e-Tenders.
  • Preparation of plans for all civil projects
  • Removal of unauthorized encroachment on, or obstruction and projection in or upon, streets, bridges and other public places
  • Securing or removal of dangerous buildings and places
  • Checking the construction of unauthorized buildings and pulling down unlawful constructions
  • Construction, maintenance, alteration and improvement of public streets and street furniture, bridges and culverts, flyovers, subways, cause ways and the like
  • Construction and maintenance of municipal markets and slaughter house.
  • Maintenance of all monuments vested in the municipality
  • Laying out and maintenance of public parks, squares, gardens or recreation areas