Community based primary health care services (C.B.P.H.C.S.) to the BPL population of 63 ULBs has been done quite satisfactorily through various externally aided. Accordingly, a project namely “Community Based Primary Health Care Services” has been taken up by the H&FW Department in co-ordination with the Municipal Affairs Department. The programme was launched at Habra Municipality on 1st June, 2007. Total urban population which has been covered is 1.13 lakh, which includes 9,354 BPL population. This project has been designed in line with the National Health Programme and will cover the APL population also. The objective is to bring overall improvement in urban health scenario in Habra Municipality.

One honorary Health Worker (HHW) is allotted for a population not exceeding 1000 BPL contained in a single ward. There will be a minimum of 1 HHW per ward regardless of whether that ward has BPL population or not. No. of HHWs engaged at Basirhat is 38. A Sub-Centre, the nerve centre for delivery of primary health care services has been established for each 5000 BPL population.