Welcome to Habra Municipality!

Habra Municipality is situated within Habra Police Station under Barasat Sub-Division in the district of North 24–Parganas of West Bengal. It was established in 1979 with a Government nominated Board. Initially nineteen wards were carved out of Panchayet areas to make way for the Municipality. The mouzas included with it are Habra, Kamarthuba, Joygachi, Hatthuba, Kamarthuba, Ashrafabad Hijalpukur, Nagarthuba, Haria and Akrampur. At that time population of Habra Municipality was 72,500 approx. Later, three more mouzas viz. Ayra, Belgoria and Daharthuba included out of panchayat areas. Currently this Municipality has an area of 21.82 sq. km and population as per census 2011 is 1,47,221.


The town ‘Habra ‘is medium in size having a settlement of massive influx of displaced persons since partition of India & Pakistan caused it to emerge out as a town and started agriculture, fisheries, small scale household industries and trading for their livelihood and day by day they built up their socio-economic status which imparted the rural area into urban in character.


Geographically the town has well-connection with its Linkage and Communication with the state capital, Kolkata and other important town that helps it to emerge as a good market centre and a vibrant town nearby to Kolkata which encourage people to migrate as well as causes overcrowd in the town.


As a result it is a great challenge to this Municipality to accommodate and place these migrated people mostly in slum populated areas in good service and better governance. The aim and object of this Municipality is now to up lift the socio-economic status of the poor people mostly in slum areas and acquaint them with the sphere of modernization in all respect and at par with other citizen in the Town.

Our Vision

"Whenever this Municipality thinks of development, it does so in terms of improvement in the Livelihood quality of the people especially the weaker section of the population who can really test the fruits of urban developments. The areas where this municipality will focus are: clean and green environment, Improvement of Health, safe drinking water, spread of education and cultural activities, games and sports, improvement of inter ward communication, street and street lighting, drainage system, creation of employment opportunity and development of efficient administration and financial management."

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